Process Login History

ProcessWire module for keeping track of login attempts to your site, both successful and unsuccessful.

This information can be helpful when trying to gain better understanding about your users' activity and environments; browsers, browser features such as Flash and JavaScript, devices, screen and window sizes etc. Tracking unsuccessful logins is off by default to avoid generating unnecessary log rows but can be enabled via module settings.

Please note that there are solutions much better for tracking general site usage available -- such as Google Analytics. This module isn't intended to replace those, it just offers slightly closer integration with specific ProcessWire features.


Copy whole directory (ProcessLoginHistory) of this module to your /site/modules/, go to Admin > Modules, hit "Check for new modules" and install module called Login History found under Process heading. Process Login History Hooks will be installed automatically with Process Login History.

Note: this module requires ProcessWire 2.2. Automatic cleanup feature requires LazyCron module, which is included in ProcessWire core distribution. Automatic cleanup isn't required for this module to work but it's highly recommended to avoid cluttering custom database table used by Process Login History with unnecessary / unwanted old rows.

How to use

During install a new Login History page is created, placed by default under Admin > Settings. From there you'll find information about each login attempt since this module was installed. Clicking more link at the end of each row reveals more information about this particular login attempt / user who initiated it.


This module provides various settings you should be aware of. Please see README.md for details.

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