Process Changelog

ProcessWire module for keeping track of changes (edits, additions, removals etc.) on your site.

It is not intended as a version control solution; rather than that, it's primary goal is to provide admin users with quick overview of changes.

How does it work?

Process Changelog actually consists of two modules: Process Changelog and Process Changelog Hooks. Hooks module exists only to serve main module by hooking into various functions within Pages class, collecting data of performed operations, refining it and keeping up a log of events in it's own custom database table (process_changelog.) Visible part is managed by Process Changelog, which provides users a pretty view of the contents of said log table.

How do you use it?

When installed this module adds new page called Changelog under Admin > Setup which provides you with a table view of collected data and basic filtering tools See attached screenshots to get a general idea about what that page should look like after a while.

For detailed installation instructions etc. seeĀ README.md.

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