About this site

Flamingruby is the blog of Teppo Koivula, Finnish web designer/developer enthusiastic about everything that's related to the Web.

The history of this site dates back to around two years ago, when yours truly decided to start a blog about experiences gained while learning the Ruby programming language.

Since then things have changed. I haven't touched Ruby code for over a year and one could even say that I've returned to my roots by learning a lot of new stuff about PHP, JavaScript and the basic building blocks of many modern web technologies (XML, HTML, CSS and JSON etc.)

Ruby is definitely a fantastic, mostly concise, beautifully designed language and I've got every intention to some day really dig into it. There are just so many things I want to build right now and I've already got the right tools for that. New ones will have to wait for their turn.

PHP may not be a linguists dream come true, but it's efficient and tends to get shit done.

About the author

As mentioned in the title up there, I'm a web designer/developer from Finland. Originally from city of Pori, but I've spent the past decade living, working and studying near Tampere. I'm currently a student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and employed as a full-time web designer at Aldone.

Just to make things clear, any and all opinions expressed within this site are mine and mine alone. I do not represent either my employer or my school.

You can read my day-to-day updates and random musings from Twitter, view work-related details from LinkedIn and check out (pun intended) some of my latest, public handiwork via GitHub.

These days much of my free time is spent at the ProcessWire CMS/CMF forum, where I'm trying to share any wisdom I may have and learn something new in the process.

Getting to know ProcessWire and it's wonderful community has been a thrilling experience for me.. and something I can sincerely recommend for anyone reading this. Huge thanks to Ryan Cramer, the man behind ProcessWire, for making that possible!

About blogging

I've always loved writing and since the early days of my first blog more than a decade ago I've been intrigued by the art of writing to/for web where conciseness is everything. For one with a bad habit of letting my mind wander everywhere, this kind of writing is a constant challenge.. yet once you get used to it, limitations like that can definitely provide fuel for your creativity too.

Anyway, in the near future I've got every intention to start slowly building a collection of hopefully useful blog posts about web development, PHP and programming in general, server administration, design, usability and many other interesting subjects.

Beyond the Web

To put things in balance, I'm very happy owner of a '97 Honda CBR 1100XX "Super Blackbird" and an '81 Suzuki GS550L, though latter is currently waiting for a moment of inspiration (and a new engine.)

Motorcycles have been a personal interest since way back and they're a big part of my life today. It doesn't really matter if it's made for cruising, touring, racing or just showing off, I love them all.

This is another subject I'd love to explore in my blog at some point, though it might require some re-organizing first. Things will end up messy if half of my posts are about web dev subjects and other half about my latest motorcycle trips and so on..